FITLAP Pumpkin ginger puree soup

FITLAP Pumpkin ginger puree soup

With chickpeas, coconut milk, lime, roasted seeds and cashew parmesan

Crunchy toast 5.90

Crunchy toast

With hummus, tomato, herb ‘cheese’ and tofu ‘egg’ salad

Tofu scramble 6.90

Tofu scramble

With grilled tomato, mushrooms, crispy bread and dill-parsley sauce

Gluten-free pancakes 6.90

Gluten-free pancakes

Chocolate-banana pancakes with stir fried pineapple and vanilla ice-cream * Nutritionist Katri Merisalu recommends. Gluten-Free.

Crispy tacos 6.90

Crispy tacos

with red bean, paprika, eggplant, zucchini, cherry
tomato, onion, “oyster sauce”, “cheddar cheese”
and fresh salad

Gluten free
Sugar free

Inspiring starter plate for two 9.90

Inspiring starter plate for two

Inspiring plate for two
With smoky tomato hummus, beetroot garlic hummus, wild garlic pesto, herb “cheese”, 7 seed crispy pan bread, fresh vegetables, yeast- and gluten free house bread

Gluten free
Sugar free

Chickpea omelette 6.90

Chickpea omelette

With vegetables and tomatoes.

Oven-baked sweet potato fries 4.20

Oven-baked sweet potato fries

with vegan mayonnaise

Warm ‘cottage cheese’ salad (G) 7.40

Warm ‘cottage cheese’ salad (G)

With crispy potatoes, oven baked garlicky tomatoes, wild garlic pesto, fresh cucumber and salad mix.

FITLAP Traditional Estonian potato salad 6.40

FITLAP Traditional Estonian potato salad

Pickles, onions, soy sausages, apples and our mayonnaise sauce

Inspa special bowl of goodness 10.70

Inspa special bowl of goodness

fried sweet potatoes, beetroot-buckwheat-red
bean cutlet, roasted chickpeas, zucchini noodles,
potato salad, tofu “egg” salad, hummus & dillparsley ranch (possible gluten-free)

Spicy bowl 10.70

Spicy bowl

sweet and spicy carrot-lentil-zucchini cutlet, quinoa
with spicy roasted chickpeas, tofu “egg” salad,
kimchi, coleslaw, fresh salad, mache lettuce,
hummus & smoky paprika sauce

Gluten free

Protein bowl 11.90

Protein bowl

slightly spicy carrot-lentil-zucchini cutlet, red
lentils, mushrooms, tofu ’’egg’’ salad, kimchi,
broccoli, potato salad, quinoa, soya sausage, two
hummus & peanut butter aioli
40 grams of protein!

Thai red curry 8.40

Thai red curry

with mushrooms, cauliflower, zucchini, peppers,
carrots, onions, green beans, lime leaves, coconut
milk and jasmine rice

Tofu palak with rice 8.80

Tofu palak with rice

crispy tofu with creamy coconut-spinach sauce
served with rice

Rice risotto cooked in white wine (G) 9.70

Rice risotto cooked in white wine (G)

Wild garlic risotto cooked in white wine
With green peas, roasted garlicky tomatoes, sprouted mung beans and cashew parmesan

“I am quite special” burger 8.90

“I am quite special” burger

beetroot-red bean-buckwheat cutlet, arugula,
tofu “egg” salad, pickles, tomato, onion jam,
herb “cheese“ and our own peanut butter aioli.
Served on black bread and potato salad on the

Burger of Spice & Everything Nice 8.90

Burger of Spice & Everything Nice

Sweet and spicy carrot-lentil-zucchini cutlet, lettuce, “Cheddar” sauce, onion jam, pickles, tofu “egg” salad and romanesco sauce. Served with beetroot-sauerkraut salad and kimchi.

‘Spice-it-up’ wrap 8.90

‘Spice-it-up’ wrap

fried veggies and spicy chickpeas, fresh salad, kimchi, arugula, hummus and smoky paprika sauce

Inspa house wrap 8.90

Inspa house wrap

Beetroot-red bean- buckwheat cutlet, fresh salad, arugula, roasted chickpeas, sundried tomatoes, crispy onion, dill-parsley sauce and hummus

King of the house 11.90

King of the house

carrot-lentil-zucchini cutlet, coleslaw salad, tofu “egg” salad, onion jam, kimchi, fresh salad, ruccola, two hummus and smoky paprika sauce

3 different ice-cream balls 4.90

3 different ice-cream balls

Raw cake 4.50

Raw cake

Different cakes, at the display, every day!

Gluten free
Sugar free
Raw food

Peanutbutter-caramel cake 4.90

Peanutbutter-caramel cake

Gluten free

Sugar free

Salted caramel ‘cheese’cake 4.50

Salted caramel ‘cheese’cake

Gluten free

Sugar free


Estonian cake “Spotted Dog” + jam 4.10

Estonian cake “Spotted Dog” + jam

Raspberry cheesecake (G, S) 4.50

Raspberry cheesecake (G, S)

Sweet potato wedges 4.00

Sweet potato wedges

With tomato, cucumber, pickles and 'majonaise'

+ extra beetroot-bean cutlet 2,90€

Potato salad 4.90

Potato salad

For the little ones

Cold beverages

Cold beverages

Pure 100% natural juices (orange, apple, pineapple) 250ml/450ml 2.50€/3.70€ & House lemonade: elderflower-apple 400ml/1L 2.70€/4.70 € & Fentimans Ginger Beer 3.50€ & Fentimans Curiosity Cola 3.50€ & Naabri Ebakydonia 3.80€ & Naabri Rabarberi 3.80€ & Realist ginger-peppermint 4.00€ & Soft Punch Hibiscus and apple 4.00€ & Soft Punch Hemp Green Dream 4.00€

Snickers smoothie 5.60

Snickers smoothie

Cocoa, peanut butter, banana, dates cream, coconut-almond milk

Protein berry smoothie 6.70

Protein berry smoothie

Raspberry, blueberry, protein (12g), banana and soy milk. Make your smoothie more healthy - Chaga + 0.50 €

The Hulk smoothie 5.60

The Hulk smoothie

apple, spinach, mint, basil, spirulina, lime and banana

Allika Kombucha 4.20

Allika Kombucha

Heart Beet 5.60

Heart Beet

Strawberry, plum, beetroot powder, dates, vanilla, banana and soy milk.

Beach please 6.60

Beach please

mango pulp, orange, cardemom, curkuma, banana, coconut milk

Hot warming drinks

Hot warming drinks

Raspberry chai latte 4.70€ & Matcha latte 4.70€ & Pumpkin spice latte 4.50€ & Golden turmeric latte 4.00€ & Hot chocolate 4.00€ & Indian Chai with soy milk 3.50/5.90€

Coffee drinks

Coffee drinks

Espresso 2.70€ & Double espresso 3.90€ & Espresso Macchiato 3.30€ & Americano 3.10/3.90€ & Cappuccino 3.50€ & Caffe latte 3.90/4.90€ & Mocha Latte 4.10/5.20€ & Iced coffee 4.50€



House tea 2.40/3.80€ & Inspiratioon's tea 2.70/3.90€ & Mate tea 3.50€ & First Flush ECO teas - ask the waiter 2.90/4.40€



White wines: Perlage Pinot Grigio 2019 5.40 € / 23 € & Verduzzo 1979 12% 23.00 € Red wines: Marche Sangiovese 2018 5.40 € / 24.00 € & Insieme Nero d'Avola 2014 23.00 € & Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 13% 23.00 € Efe Naturell 2017 14.5% € 37.00



Prosecco Sgajo DOC organic 5.50€/22.00€

Liquor 4cl 4.00

Liquor 4cl

Vana Tallinn liquor & Vana Tallinn Special shot & Napoleon brandy & Vodka & Whiskey & Rum 5 €

Craft beer

Craft beer

Koch Vunk Lager 5% 0,33/0,5l 3.90€/4.90€ & Ridgeway IPA gluten free ale 4.90€ & Lindemans Kriek cherry 3.5% 35,5cl 5.00€

Cider 4.90


Estonian craft cider Jaanihanso - with malt 33cl & Estonia craft cider with strawberry - vintage 2015, 33cl & VAL de FRANCE craft cider - raspberry 33cl

Own craft beer 4.50

Own craft beer

Inspiratsioon’s own brew craft beer-ca 4,9%  – pale ale & black ale & red ale & brown ale & blueberry ale & seasonal ale

Cockatils 5.90


Mimosa 5.50 € / Gin & Tonic / Cuba Libre / Irish Mule / Mojito / Strawberry Margarita / Moscow Mule / Pina Colada / Aperol Spritz / Vana Tallinn Spritz / Daiquiri


Toomas Laigu – Creator and Head Chef


Toomas is the soul of Inspiration. He is actively involved with everything in here, and puts his heart into everything he does, inspiring others to give even more. Furthermore, every part of Toomas radiates goodness and positivity, which never goes unnoticed by the people around him. 

Helen Vaku – Manager


Helen is very positive and warm-hearted. She is passionate about her work and can handle any situation. She prioritizes quality, making sure that our lovely customers would always be happy. In addition to that, she always brightens everyone’s day with her stunning hair colors. Helen is filled with dedication and has a practical mind.

Britta Paemurru – Senior customer service representative

Britta is an important part of Inspiration. With her presence, she makes us all happy and she knows how to serve all the cakes beautifully. She is also an experienced winter swimmer and invites you to try it out as well. Plus, she’s always happy and has a positive attitude.  We are confident you will receive good service from Britta!

Maria Valujeva – Chef

Maria is our favorite red-headed rapunzel. She comes up with delicious daily specials in a heartbeat, and is an enormous Inspiration for us. She is also very swift in the kitchen. The waitresses won’t have even finished brewing the coffee yet, when Maria has finished cooking the main dishes.

Merilin Ruus – Marketing Manager


Merilin is the spiritual heart of Inspiration. During difficult times, she offers the best head massages and hugs the joy right back into you. She is lovely, present and a very inspiring world changer. Merilin is aware how powerfully she creates the world around her. She knows just the right ways to support all of us.

Melissa Mänd – Chef

Melissa is our creative sunshine. She is very practical, efficient and super cute. She always prepares every meal with love. Personality-wise she is known to be rather quiet, however, she is super fast in the kitchen. In addition to that, she offers great support to everyone and we can always count on her.

Margit Ubaleht – Creator of new flavours

Margit is our Goddess of flavours. She radiates sympathy and kindness. It’s important to her that the flavours are phenomenal and that every bite would be filled with abundance and inspiration. She is a fairy with a very warm heart, who knows and feels the world that she creates.

We welcome you with our smiles and big hearts!


You’ll receive an email from us if we have confirmed the reservation. If you wish to reserve a table for today, please call: 58516232