If you’re already eating a cake, it has to be, well, especially good!

Did you know that our raw cakes are healthier because they don’t contain sugar and wheat flour – instead we use a lot of nuts, almonds, fruits, berries and many other things that are good for your taste buds and body.

Order wonderful 100% vegan and raw cakes with you (gluten and sugar free)!

Our selection:

  • Raspberry ‘cheese’ cake (sv, gv)
  • Raspberry-lemon raw cake (gv, sv)
  • Tiramisu cake (gv)
  • Salted caramel ‘cheese’ cake (gv, sv)
  • Blueberry ‘cheese’ raw cake (gv, sv)
  • Peanut butter-caramel-chocolate cake (gv, sv)
  • Spotted dog cake
  • Pineapple-matcha raw cake (gv, sv)
  • Dewberry ‘cheese’ cake (gv, sv)
  •  Twix cake
  • Lemon raw cake with coconut whipped cream (gv, sv)
  • Mango-dewberry raw cake (gv, sv)
  • Peanut butter-caramel cake (gv, sv)
  • Brownie berry cake (sv, gv)

gv- gluten-free
sv- sugar-free

Cakes >

44 €

Peanut butter-caramel cake (gv, sv)

44 €

Salted caramel ‘cheese’ cake (gv, sv)

44 €

Dewberry ‘cheese’ cake (gv, sv)

44 €

Raspberry ‘cheese’ cake (sv, gv)

44 €

Pineapple-matcha raw cake (gv, sv)

44 €

Tiramisu cake (gv)

44 €

Mango-dewberry raw cake (gv, sv)

15 €

Handmade candies

25 €

Peanut butter - chocolate fudge

44 €

Banana Mama (gluten free)

20 €

Date-coconut cookie

44 €

Cranberry-apple cake (g, s)