Hot warming drinks

Raspberry chai latte 4.70€ & Matcha latte 4.70€ & Pumpkin spice latte 4.50€ & Golden turmeric latte 4.00€ & Hot chocolate 4.00€ & Indian Chai with soy milk 3.50/5.90€


Coffee drinks

Espresso 2.70€ & Double espresso 3.90€ & Espresso Macchiato 3.30€ & Americano 3.10/3.90€ & Cappuccino 3.50€ & Caffe latte 3.90/4.90€ & Mocha Latte 4.10/5.20€ & Iced coffee 4.50€



House tea 2.40/3.80€ & Inspiratioon's tea 2.70/3.90€ & Mate tea 3.50€ & First Flush ECO teas - ask the waiter 2.90/4.40€


Craft beer

Koch Vunk Lager 5% 0,33/0,5l 3.90€/4.90€ & Ridgeway IPA gluten free ale 4.90€ & Lindemans Kriek cherry 3.5% 35,5cl 5.00€



Prosecco Sgajo DOC organic 5.50€/22.00€



White wines: Perlage Pinot Grigio 2019 5.40 € / 23 € & Verduzzo 1979 12% 23.00 € Red wines: Marche Sangiovese 2018 5.40 € / 24.00 € & Insieme Nero d'Avola 2014 23.00 € & Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 13% 23.00 € Efe Naturell 2017 14.5% € 37.00

http://Liquor%204cl 4.00

Liquor 4cl

Vana Tallinn liquor & Vana Tallinn Special shot & Napoleon brandy & Vodka & Whiskey & Rum 5 €

http://Own%20craft%20beer 4.50

Own craft beer

Inspiratsioon’s own brew craft beer-ca 4,9%  – pale ale & black ale & red ale & brown ale & blueberry ale & seasonal ale

http://Creamy%20‘cheese’%20pasta 4.90

Creamy ‘cheese’ pasta

With fried vegetables (possible on the side)

http://Cider 4.90


Estonian craft cider Jaanihanso - with malt 33cl & Estonia craft cider with strawberry - vintage 2015, 33cl & VAL de FRANCE craft cider - raspberry 33cl

http://Heart%20Beet 5.60

Heart Beet

Strawberry, plum, beetroot powder, dates, vanilla, banana and soy milk.

http://Cockatils 5.90


Mimosa 5.50 € / Gin & Tonic / Cuba Libre / Irish Mule / Mojito / Strawberry Margarita / Moscow Mule / Pina Colada / Aperol Spritz / Vana Tallinn Spritz / Daiquiri

http://Beach%20please 6.60

Beach please

mango pulp, orange, cardemom, curkuma, banana, coconut milk

http://Gluten-free%20pancakes 6.90

Gluten-free pancakes

Chocolate-banana pancakes with stir fried pineapple and vanilla ice-cream * Nutritionist Katri Merisalu recommends. Gluten-Free.

http://Morning%20glory%20burrito 7.40

Morning glory burrito

Fried mushrooms, beans and vegetables

http://Warm%20‘cottage%20cheese’%20salad%20(G) 7.40

Warm ‘cottage cheese’ salad (G)

With crispy potatoes, oven baked garlicky tomatoes, wild garlic pesto, fresh cucumber and salad mix.

http://Raw%20salad%20with%20wild%20garlic%20pesto%20and%20ginger-orange%20sauce%20(G,%20S) 6.90

Raw salad with wild garlic pesto and ginger-orange sauce (G, S)

Raw wild garlic and orange ginger dressing salad
With pickled broccoli and radish, sprouted mung beans, pomegranate, walnuts and salad mix

http://Rice%20risotto%20cooked%20in%20white%20wine%20(G) 9.70

Rice risotto cooked in white wine (G)

Wild garlic risotto cooked in white wine
With green peas, roasted garlicky tomatoes, sprouted mung beans and cashew parmesan

http://Soba%20noodles 8.40

Soba noodles

With fried vegetables, mushrooms, ginger, nori, peanut-butter, coriander and coconut milk

http://Exotic%20green%20smoothie 6.60

Exotic green smoothie

Pineapple, mango, kale, ginger, turmeric, lime juice, coconut milk, oat milk * Nutritionist Katri Merisalu recommends

http://Inspiring%20starter%20plate%20for%20two 9.90

Inspiring starter plate for two

Inspiring plate for two
With smoky tomato hummus, beetroot garlic hummus, wild garlic pesto, herb “cheese”, 7 seed crispy pan bread, fresh vegetables, yeast- and gluten free house bread

Gluten free
Sugar free

http://Sweet%20potato%20wedges 4.00

Sweet potato wedges

With tomato, cucumber, pickles and 'majonaise'

+ extra beetroot-bean cutlet 2,90€

http://Raspberry%20cheesecake%20(G,%20S) 4.50

Raspberry cheesecake (G, S)

http://Salted%20caramel%20‘cheese’cake 4.50

Salted caramel ‘cheese’cake

Gluten free

Sugar free


http://Raw%20cake 4.50

Raw cake

Different cakes, at the display, every day!

Gluten free
Sugar free
Raw food

http://Estonian%20cake%20“Spotted%20Dog”%20+%20jam 4.10

Estonian cake “Spotted Dog” + jam

http://Peanutbutter-caramel%20cake 4.90

Peanutbutter-caramel cake

Gluten free

Sugar free

http://Burger%20of%20Spice%20&%20Everything%20Nice 8.90

Burger of Spice & Everything Nice

Sweet and spicy carrot-lentil-zucchini cutlet, lettuce, “Cheddar” sauce, onion jam, pickles, tofu “egg” salad and romanesco sauce. Served with beetroot-sauerkraut salad and kimchi.

http://Thai%20red%20curry 8.40

Thai red curry

with mushrooms, cauliflower, zucchini, peppers,
carrots, onions, green beans, lime leaves, coconut
milk and jasmine rice

http://Protein%20bowl 11.90

Protein bowl

slightly spicy carrot-lentil-zucchini cutlet, red
lentils, mushrooms, tofu ’’egg’’ salad, kimchi,
broccoli, potato salad, quinoa, soya sausage, two
hummus & peanut butter aioli
40 grams of protein!

http://Tofu%20scramble 6.90

Tofu scramble

With grilled tomato, mushrooms, crispy bread and dill-parsley sauce

http://Chickpea%20omelette 6.90

Chickpea omelette

With vegetables and tomatoes.

http://Spicy%20carrot-ginger%20puree%20soup 5.80

Spicy carrot-ginger puree soup

with lentils, coconut milk, lime, garlic and red chilli

http://Traditional%20Estonian%20potato%20salad 6.40

Traditional Estonian potato salad

Pickles, onions, soy sausages, apples and our mayonnaise sauce

http://Oven-baked%20sweet%20potato%20fries 4.20

Oven-baked sweet potato fries

with vegan mayonnaise

http://Allika%20Kombucha 4.20

Allika Kombucha

http://Tofu%20palak%20with%20rice 8.80

Tofu palak with rice

crispy tofu with creamy coconut-spinach sauce
served with rice

http://Inspa%20special%20bowl%20of%20goodness 10.70

Inspa special bowl of goodness

fried sweet potatoes, beetroot-buckwheat-red
bean cutlet, roasted chickpeas, zucchini noodles,
potato salad, tofu “egg” salad, hummus & dillparsley ranch (possible gluten-free)

http://Spicy%20bowl 10.70

Spicy bowl

sweet and spicy carrot-lentil-zucchini cutlet, quinoa
with spicy roasted chickpeas, tofu “egg” salad,
kimchi, coleslaw, fresh salad, mache lettuce,
hummus & smoky paprika sauce

Gluten free

http://Gluten-free%20pancake%20pizza 9.50

Gluten-free pancake pizza

smoked paprika sauce, cherry tomatoes, zucchini,
eggplant, paprika, “cheddar” sauce, arugula,
broccoli, mushrooms and “mozzarella”

http://The%20Hulk%20smoothie 5.60

The Hulk smoothie

apple, spinach, mint, basil, spirulina, lime and banana

http://Queen%20of%20Burrito 9.90

Queen of Burrito

rice, red beans, fried vegitables, green olives, fresh
salad, ‘cheddar’ sauce and smoked paprika

http://Breakfast%20platter%20for%20two 18.90

Breakfast platter for two

With soy sausages, beans, cowboy potatoes, grilled tomatoes, tofu ‘egg’ salad, toasts, hummus, ‘cheddar’ sauce and smoked paprika sauce. Includes 2 drinks: coffee / tea or juice.

http://“I%20am%20quite%20special”%20burger 8.90

“I am quite special” burger

beetroot-red bean-buckwheat cutlet, arugula,
tofu “egg” salad, pickles, tomato, onion jam,
herb “cheese“ and our own peanut butter aioli.
Served on black bread and potato salad on the

http://Crispy%20tacos 6.90

Crispy tacos

with red bean, paprika, eggplant, zucchini, cherry
tomato, onion, “oyster sauce”, “cheddar cheese”
and fresh salad

Gluten free
Sugar free

http://Potato%20salad 4.90

Potato salad

For the little ones

http://3%20different%20ice-cream%20balls 4.90

3 different ice-cream balls

http://‘Spice-it-up’%20wrap 8.90

‘Spice-it-up’ wrap

fried veggies and spicy chickpeas, fresh salad, kimchi, arugula, hummus and smoky paprika sauce

http://Inspa%20house%20wrap 8.90

Inspa house wrap

Beetroot-red bean- buckwheat cutlet, fresh salad, arugula, roasted chickpeas, sundried tomatoes, crispy onion, dill-parsley sauce and hummus

http://King%20of%20the%20house 11.90

King of the house

carrot-lentil-zucchini cutlet, coleslaw salad, tofu “egg” salad, onion jam, kimchi, fresh salad, ruccola, two hummus and smoky paprika sauce


Cold beverages

Pure 100% natural juices (orange, apple, pineapple) 250ml/450ml 2.50€/3.70€ & House lemonade: elderflower-apple 400ml/1L 2.70€/4.70 € & Fentimans Ginger Beer 3.50€ & Fentimans Curiosity Cola 3.50€ & Naabri Ebakydonia 3.80€ & Naabri Rabarberi 3.80€ & Realist ginger-peppermint 4.00€ & Soft Punch Hibiscus and apple 4.00€ & Soft Punch Hemp Green Dream 4.00€

http://Snickers%20smoothie 5.60

Snickers smoothie

Cocoa, peanut butter, banana, dates cream, coconut-almond milk

http://Protein%20berry%20smoothie 6.70

Protein berry smoothie

Raspberry, blueberry, protein (12g), banana and soy milk. Make your smoothie more healthy - Chaga + 0.50 €

http://Crunchy%20toast 5.90

Crunchy toast

With hummus, tomato, herb ‘cheese’ and tofu ‘egg’ salad